Chris Reynolds has been a licensed private investigator in California since 1979, becoming one of the youngest licensees at that time (23 years old). Mr. Reynolds career included seven years working for a non-profit organization involved in complex litigation, libel, slander, business and criminal matters. In 1980, Mr. Reynolds relocated to Santa Rosa, CA.

Mr. Reynolds career includes work on over one hundred homicide cases, including fifteen death penalty matters. The business took a dramatic shift when Mr. Reynolds was hired to conduct investigation on behalf of school districts, colleges and universities throughout California. To date, Mr. Reynolds has conducted over 950 workplace harassment and discrimination matters.

In the past twenty years, Mr. Reynolds expanded his business to include complex business litigation, including work for high profile business leaders and entertainment clients. Mr. Reynolds has worked internationally, conducting investigation and due diligence inquiries.

In his free time, Mr. Reynolds is an accomplished chef, wine collector and a lover of all things “Golf.”

For twenty years, Mr. Reynolds has served on the board of directors for the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), the largest, statewide association the United States. In his leadership role, Mr. Reynolds served as CALI’s President on four occasions, and he is CALI’s current Treasurer.

Education is a primary interest and Mr. Reynolds is a regular presenter at CALI events and he provides ongoing trainings to investigators and private sector clients.

Let’s build something together.