Workplace Investigations

  • Worked on over five hundred different matters including sexual harassment, wrongful termination and/or discrimination matters.  Most matters have been investigated on behalf of local school districts as a third party, independent investigator, retained to resolve complex internal employment issues.  Other governmental agencies, including law enforcement, have retained the company to handle their internal matters.   Mr. Reynolds has prepared investigations for Administrative Hearings, local school boards, Federal and State Court litigation.
  • Conducted on site investigations of employee theft and embezzlement, including complex matters involving interviewing witnesses, conducting discreet surveillance and auditing records and other data to reach conclusions for discipline or prosecution.
  •  Testified in Federal, State and Administrative Courts on over sixty (60) occasions.
  • Provides training regarding sexual harassment and discrimination, including interviewing techniques for site administrators.
  • Formal presentations and testimony to report findings to school districts, associations and private clients Employment related investigations encompass interviewing administrators, staff, students and expert witnesses.  All aspects of the investigation are fully documented including acquiring documents, photographs, videos, and diagrams for presentations to agencies and courts.  Findings and recommendations are typically made by Mr. Reynolds for consideration by the companies involved in the disputes. 

Lozano Smith, statewide offices

  • Michael Smith, Lozano Smith
  • Jerry Behrens, Lozano Smith
  • Dulcinea Grantham, Lozano Smith
  • Sarah Kaatz, Lozano Smith
  • Karen Rezendez, Lozano Smith

School and College Legal Services, Northern California

  • Robert J. Henry
  • Carl Corbin
  • Margaret Merchat


Carle, Mackie Power & Ross, Northern California

  • Dawn Ross


Spaulding & McCullough, Northern California

  • Jan Tansil


Peatman & Fogarty, Northern California

  • Greg Walsh


Fagan Friedman, & Fulfrost, Northern California

  • Lenore Silverman
  • Petrice Larson