Travers Suspended from CALI, Private Investigator Chris Reynolds Cleared-Allegations False


Following an extensive investigation, conducted under the direction of CALI attorney Brad Bleichner, CALI announced that Joseph Travers membership in CALI had been suspended. Mr. Bleichner managed an extensive investigation, led by Chairman of the Board, Frank Huntington. The suspension of Mr. Travers was decided by a three member panel of former CALI President’s.  Chris Reynolds was not on the committee that suspended Mr. Travers. That Committee considered the evidence, including a detailed response by Mr. Travers, and concluded that Mr. Travers conduct warranted a suspension. Mr. Traver’s suspension made him ineligible to serve as CALI’s President.

The investigation of Mr. Travers was the result of information brought to the Board of Directors by a District Director, not Mr. Reynolds. CALI immediately consulted legal counsel and an investigation was undertaken.

False Allegations

A disgruntled former CALI board member, seized on the moment and began using his blog site in order to make several false, defamatory allegations that former CALI President Chris Reynolds manipulated the Board of Directors by circumvented the Bylaws of CALI and orchestrating Mr. Travers’ suspension. The member had no basis for his false statements and innuendo’s regarding CALI’s actions regarding Mr. Travers.

The member voluntarily resigned from the Board of Directors under a cloud of his own, failing to disclose that he had been hired by third parties to use his blog to launch an attack on a CALI member. Mr. Reynolds intended to address the alleged breach of fiduciary duties at the next Board of Directors meeting.  Prior to the meeting, the member resigned his position. More information will be forthcoming on the these false allegations, as Mr. Reynolds attempts to overcome the damage to his reputation caused by these and his false allegations.

On January 22, 2017, the Board of Director’s took the rare step of publicly exonerating Mr. Reynolds, stating he did not initiate the Travers investigation and he was not part of committee that suspended him from CALI. Mr. Travers conduct, a breach of his fiduciary duties, was associated with his failure to execute his duties when he was a Vice President of CALI.

Mr. Reynolds was pleased that the board was willing to publish the truth about Mr. Travers, and do its best to help combat the personal attacks of the former Board member.

The member was advised that his blog was false, but he has thus far refused to take it down or provide accurate information to his readers.