Reynolds Investigation-Parent grabbed student at Piner-Olivet

(Santa Rosa, CA July 31, 2014) Chris Reynolds Investigations was retained to conduct a third party investigation of an incident at an elementary school of the Piner Olivet School District. After an exhaustive investigation that included interviews of students, parents, teachers and administrators, Mr. Reynolds reached a conclusion that the parent entered the campus playground and placed her hand on the neck of a student she suspected of bullying her daughter. The investigation established the parent was responsible for leaving finger print impressions on the neck of the student. The touching occurred on a busy school playground. The parent claimed she only talked with student and that his claims were a fabrication. Through the investigative process, Mr. Reynolds was able to locate credible witnesses that contradicted the parent and supported the student who was touched.  A criminal investigation was undertaken by the Sonoma County Sheriff and the District Attorney declined to prosecute .